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Here are some astounding facts about online gambling

Why is reliable statistics on online gambling difficult?

Even though it has been well over two decades since the first online casino opened its doors to its patrons on the internet, it is all this while up to now thought to be in its nascent stage of development. This can very well be attributed to the fact that there are no distinct rules and regulations that covertly govern online casinos and online gambling. Despite the fact that the status of online casinos in the various states of the US itself is in a limbo, there is an agreement to disagree among all avid gamblers that online casinos are illegal!


Facts and figures from land based casinos are easier: It is relatively easier to find facts and numbers about people frequenting the land casinos by physical verification. Online gambling poses this great difficulty in quantifying because it is spread over the whole world. Also, the people who frequent the online casinos are the ones who visit more than one online casino on the same say and also have multiple play accounts at the same casino.


The first ever online casino: InterCasino, an Antiguan based casino was the first ever casino to go live on the World Wide Web. That was in August 1996. The lpe888 casino had eighteen different games on offer covering majorly online slots and poker. Today, the same site carries a minimum of a thousand games. It has been so popular that it has got the most number of visitors in the last 21 years.


Who are the people who launch online casinos? Even though there is a general belief that the land based casino managements are the first ones to jump on the bandwagon of opening up their online version, this is by and large not true. The first few online casinos that went the online way and were super successful were all standalone online casinos only.

The traditional land based casinos did not want to start a model which would have the capacity to take away customers from its previous business model and thus reduce their revenues.However, after a period of ten years, they were awakened to the fact that both the models could independently stand for themselves and they also got into the line to set up their own online casinos.

Mars vs. Venus:
When you thought that the people who would visit the online casinos will be women who would be home bound and who have the convenience from playing from their home itself, think again. Even though absolutely perfect figures and facts are hard to get, it is largely believed that people who frequent the online casinos are actually men and most of them in the age bracket of 20 to 35 years. That is an eye opener of sorts because this is the crowd you would actually think that would be up and about at the traditional land based ones!The research may not be a hundred percent authenticated because the figure is got from a survey of the names that people use to open their accounts at the online casinos.

They love it free:
Teens and youngsters who are not allowed to officially gamble because of the age limit at the online casinos quell their desires by playing on the numerous free gambling sites on the net. Since these sites do not allow for gambling with money, they use coins or points system to determine winning and losing.

1998 was an eventful year:

At least for online casinos (wink)!

The year 1998 saw the first ever Bingo and Poker being introduced on online casinos. These games today are so popular alongside the slots that it is indeed hard to imagine that these games were not even there for some time there. Here is an example of how the television influences the people’s choice in their day to day lives. After the hit serial the world series of Poker was televised on the silver screen and was running successfully, 2003 saw a surge in the number of people who visited online casinos to try their luck at the online version of poker.

Is there any estimate of the revenue collected from the online casinos?The answer to this my friend is a yes and a no. even though there are some figures that pinpoint to them raking in the range of $15 billion and $20 billion, the numbers are not accurately correct. Experts in the field believe that the figures are under estimated and the numbers may well be above $40 billion mark. That is a lot of revenue and almost close to the revenue collected by all the land casinos in the world put together.